Saturday, January 12, 2008

Free to Run

Sonja told the following story at Emily's graveside ceremony:

One Sunday morning our family visited a friend's church. It was charismatic and a bit more interactive than what we were used to. When the praise team began singing "Free to Run," many of the children began running around the sanctuary. Emily hadn't seen anything like this in church before! After a while, she looked up at us with an expression that asked, "Is it okay if I run, too?" We nodded, "Yes," and off she went.

As she ran around the sanctuary, her face was fixed on us the whole time. She was having so much fun!

Now, when we look at a particular picture of Emily, it's as if she has that same expression. It seems as if she's saying, "I'm running in eternity with Jesus." Yes, our hearts ache because we miss her so much, but we know that now she is "Free to Run."