Thursday, November 25, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Abbie took these two pictures after we decorated the tree today. Holidays are full of memories, and we can't help but think of others whose hearts are also affected by the holidays. One is the Westerfield family whose dad/husband died December 30, 2009 (two years to the day after Emily). This will be their first holiday season without him. Another is the Dobsons whose daughter and sister with cerebral palsy unexpectedly didn't wake up last Christmas morning. It's only God's grace that will walk the Westerfields and the Dobsons through this season. Please pray for them if you read this. Sometimes it's hard for Thanksgiving to be "Happy" and for Christmas to be "Merry," but it can always be full of God's grace.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shopping in Emily's Memory

This is a picture of a bank that Ilana, Megan’s best friend, made for us as a keepsake for Emily since we were collecting butterflies. For months now, we’ve been dumping change into it and recently got to where we couldn’t stuff anymore in. We asked for a wish list from Arnold Palmer Hospital’s hematology/oncology play room and went shopping.

Aside from all the painful things that had to be done to Emily while she was at the hospital, she actually enjoyed being there. We were always with her and the child life staff provided all of Emily’s favorite DVDs plus a playroom full of toys. They also had daily activities and games. They were a huge blessing to us so we wanted to bless them back a little.

Emily would like that her memory is blessing other kids to have a little fun at the hospital.