Thursday, March 6, 2008

Emily was so proud of the Teddy Bear she made at a friend's birthday party! Now we enjoy hugging the bear and remembering how special her hugs were to us.


lynn said...

Sam & Sonya, This picture is SOOOO Emily - her smile, her pose (so relaxed), her embrace, the vibrant colors, the hat, down to the painted toes. If we could only live each day the way that she did!! The joy of knowing her (really knowing her) must make each day a day of peace.
With love and prayers, Miss Lynn (Daytona Beach)

Madison Wyborny said...

Everyday Heroes to Me
by: Madison Wyborny

Arnold Palmer Hospital is a special place to me,
So many Doctors and nurses took care
of my best friend Emily.
She had leukemia and spent
many days there over the past 8
years, we prayed a lot for
healing and cried out to God
through our tears. The doctors knew
just what to do to make the cancer hide,
and the nurses were always in the room right
by Emily’s side. The cancer came back in
December this year and this time was here to stay,
I will never forget our ride in the wagon and
my last visit with her on Christmas day. Her doctors
are heroes, the nurses are too they helped her
to fight and be strong, they cared and they
loved her, they kissed and they hugged her,
Dr. Eslin even sung her a song.
I miss her so much and my heart really
aches every time that I think of her name, but
I know she’s in Heaven, she’s gone
home to be with Jesus and
our lives will never be the same.
Arnold Palmer Hospital has
angels on their staff, they held
Emily’s hand as they led her to
Heaven on Jesus’ behalf.