Friday, June 27, 2008

Even Thalia Misses Emily!

Emily loved her two cats. This cat, Thalia, gave birth to our other cat, Sugar. Emily often liked to give the genealogy by telling people, "Thalia Mommy -- Sugar Baby." Also in the pic is a Down syndrome doll given to Emily by the faculty of Warner Christian Academy. It was the only doll that she would ever play with regularly. In the background is a Blockbuster promotional display for the movie Shrek. That was one of her favorites. Mitch and Sam got the display for Emily in Orlando while she was in intensive care.


Terri S. said...

This is cute. Thank you so much for all the posts and for opening your hearts and sharing Emily with us this way. My love and prayers go out to you all.

Terri S. said...

What a beautiful, beautiful picture of daddy and daughter dancing. Thank you for sharing it.