Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elena, Abbie's friend, recently drew this picture and wrote these words on the drawing:

You make me laugh.
Thoughts of you--thoughts of you spinning those beads round and round, hours and hours.
I'll never forget that sound.
Thoughts of you singing those tunes in the car.
Laughing, giggling, playing in the back seat--my little angel you are.

Thoughts of you watching that show many times.
Ha, I do not know, but every time it would play, you would find something new to enjoy looking at.

Your kisses and hugs are unforgettable.
Your laugh, sweet medicine that could heal all my pain.
How is it you're the only one that could make me smile on a rainy day?
Is it the way your eyes light up and sparkle when you look at me?
Is it your warm smile? That smile others wish they could capture the love behind?
Your love--that love you have is unique, precious.
Every little thing is so special, special just like you.
Oh, if only the world could have what you had.
My Emily.

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Terri S. said...

Very Special. Emily brings out the best in people, still.