Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Tribute to the Best Doctors & Nurses Ever

While we were in Florida this summer, I stopped by Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital to thank the doctors and nurses once again for all they did to bless our lives. They are amazing people! They gave Emily exceptional care and extended her life by 8 years. (Yes, we believe God did that, but He definitely used them to help!)

That's a lot of hugs and laughter we wouldn't have had otherwise! Going back was emotional, but I kept thinking of how much she loved them. We spent over 200 nights and even more days at that place, and felt like it was our second home at times.

After we moved to Virginia, we made a trip to Florida and on our way stopped at a Wendy's in South Carolina. After sitting down at her table, Emily looked over at the line of customers and saw DR. DON! She was ecstatic.

What a "coincidence"! It was a blessing for her to get a hug from him at such an unexpected time! We'll never forget that moment. Although she didn't like all the poking and prodding the doctors and nurses had to do, she always knew how much they cared. How can you thank someone enough for that? You just can't!

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