Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Note added 8/4/2014: We found out months after this post that little baby Aura is now a playmate in heaven with our Emily.]
Sonja and I spent nearly three weeks in Zacapa, Guatemala, in July.  The mission where we stayed is called Hope of Life.  One of its ministries is a Baby Rescue Center.  The day Sonja went there, they handed her an adorable little infant named Aura (pronounced AH-oo-ah), who is a twin.  We know little about her twin, but Aura has Down syndrome and was extremely small for a 7-month old.  Needless to say, we were reminded of our Emily and had an instant interest in this precious girl whose name means "ambiance, feeling, semblance." 

We returned to the Baby Rescue Center several times during our stay there to check on Aura and just love on her.  How thankful we are for ministries like Hope of Life that value the life of these precious ones!  They rescue over 1,000 per year.  Most of these babies live in the mountains, are near death, and are so poor that their families cannot even afford to travel down the mountains to access health care.  So, Hope of Life goes to the mountains seeking these children. 

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