Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dancing with Donna

It's been five years now that Emily has been in Heaven.  Donna posted on Facebook this picture of her dancing with Emily along with this comment: "Missing my precious Emily especially today. So wish I could dance with her again. We had so much fun that night. Celebrating being one year closer to seeing my precious angel again."
     Donna and her husband Mitch watched and prayed with us for 38 hours before God called Emily home.  We will never forget that gift of "presence."  Neither will we forget the love their family gave to Emily and us in so many ways --  more precious than gold!

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Donna Wyborny said...

The gift was ours in having had Emily as part of our family and life. She taught us so many things ( although I never mastered bead spinning). I am often reminded of her as I wonder around my home and spot a pair of her beads I've strategically placed in drawers or just hanging on a lamp in my bedroom. How she would strip down to her panties when she arrived and hide her clothes so she could stay over. Once we never did find that outfit. Or crawling under my corner cabinet when she didn't much care for my dinner choice and she knew where I kept her raviolis. She won my heart and still has it. The memories are endless and bittersweet because with the tears of pain for the absence of her in my life God brings me such sweet memories of precious time He gave us with her. Love to my sweet sweet girl until I get to hold you again for a great big wet kiss.😘😘