Monday, December 30, 2013

6 Years Ago Today: From Donna

From Donna Wyborny: Such a busy time of the year at my house. Cooking, decorating, family. I find myself keeping myself busier then usual these days to distract myself from the fact that two of the people who made my life complete are not here to share those times with me anymore. Some days are harder then others but the entire month of December, 6 years ago I spent Emily Smiths final time here on earth with she and her family at Arnold Palmer. The 10 years that I spent with her growing up with my girls, battling leukemia like a bear and learning what a gift of a human being a child with Down Syndrome could be taught me more life lessons then any book I could have ever read. She was as much of daughter to me as my very own and her absence leaves an ache in my heart because these days I could really use her simple humor to cheer me up. I have her beads draped about my home, they make me smile, but how I miss the sound of that monotonous spinning for hours on end. I miss her sleep-overs, swimming with her (for a whole two minutes) playing hide and seek constantly she loved that game. I miss trying to scrub the ravioli stains around her mouth that were always there. She would never let me, really miss that. And how she loved animals, and birthday party celebrations she never missed one. I miss trying to teach her to say Mitch's name we won't say what transpired there. God was so gracious during her illness to bless us with more time to make these memories I now have of her. But today was the day 6 years ago Jesus decided He was finished preparing her room. I will be forever grateful to both of you my precious dear friends Sam and Sonja for allowing Mitch and I to spend those last 38 hours with you and share that tender moment when The Lord showed her, her room. Complete with a huge treasure chest of beads I'm sure. We love you, so much. Miss her everyday, but revisit so many things this time of year. Our hearts are with you today and always. Much Love in Christ, Mitch and Donna

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