Friday, November 23, 2007

Wednesday Before Thanksgiving

Our family drove to Orlando for a teachers’ convention and was going to spend Thanksgiving with friends in Daytona Beach. While here, however, our 13-yr-old’s leukemia relapsed. This is her second relapse, and this time it doesn’t look good at all. Her kidneys are not performing as they should, and the oncologist has advised us against traveling with her.

They most likely will not put Emily through a third regimen of chemotherapy since the first two times did not keep her in remission. A bone marrow transplant is a possibility, but it’s extremely high risk and rarely is successful with Down syndrome children.

We’re waiting for more information, but the prognosis right now could be a maximum of two months.

Most importantly, we value your prayers as we know that it is only God’s grace that has carried her this far and that has given us strength through this long journey.

As untimely as this seems, she is surrounded by doctors and nurses who are familiar with her, and our Daytona Beach church family is not far away. (Pray especially for my wife Sonja. She is taking this very hard, as we all are.)

We love you and are thankful for you. ~ Sam & Sonja

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