Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet 16 Tomorrow: HAP' BUDDAY!!!

Tomorrow would have been Emily's 16th birthday. I can still hear her saying "Hap' Budday!" She would say it often after someone's birthday until someone else celebrated theirs. We gave up trying to explain that it was no longer that person's birthday after the day was done. She was just convinced that it was that person's birthday until someone else had one. "HAP' BUDDAY, EMILY!"

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mommy said...

I was trying to remember her last "earth" birthday. We celebrated at home and one of her gifts was a picture collage that Megan and Abbie put together for her of friends and family (Emily loved looking at pictures). She often would get the box of loose pictures out and sit on the floor and take them out and look at them. She would be surrounded by pictures strewn all over the floor. The other gifts were a big poster of Shrek, one of the Disney Princesses and a stuffed Shrek. I think she might be opening beads in the picture.