Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Visit to Emily's School

Today, I had to visit an intern at the middle school that Emily attended. As I approached it, I was reminded that, every time we would drive by her school, she would say proudly, "My school!" Sonja made me promise to say "hi" to Emily's teachers while I was there. So I looked them up. Ms. Mary Young said, "Come here and look at my computer." At first I didn't know what she meant, but then I noticed a picture of Emily taped to the top corner of her screen. Even after two years, Emily's teacher had left it there. She said the day Emily gave the picture to her, she pointed to the spot on her computer where she wanted the teacher to put it and that it's been there ever since. I can see Emily doing that!
It was great to see the two teachers who flew from Virginia to Orlando to see Emily in the hospital: Diane Isenhour and Nicole Sloan. We'll never forget all the faculty at Forest Middle School who loved our Emily.
Ms. Sloan took me outside to see the tree the school planted in Emily's memory. It has grown so big in these two years! At the bottom of the tree is a plaque with the nickname of what one of the teachers, Susan Boyd, called her: "Little Miss Sunshine."

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