Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Christmas Memory

This picture was taken at Emily's school in Florida before we moved to Virginia.  She loved Christmas, the story of Jesus, and the traditions of Santa, lights, the tree -- and carols.  She loved to sing Christmas carols.

Our last Christmas with her was in the hospital less than a week before she met face-to-face the One whose birth we celebrated.  The whole family was there, and we decided that it would be as normal a Christmas as possible, so we read the story of Jesus' birth and sang carols, and -- as sick as she was -- she tried her best to sing along, even though she was feeble.  

Today, she's singing His praises out loud.  And on pitch.  (As much as we loved to hear Emily sing, she was usually far off pitch, but it was the most "joyful noise" we had ever heard.)

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