Friday, December 7, 2007

All Rested Up

Emily slept almost all day yesterday after the spinal tap and bone marrow test, but today she has some energy back and even went downstairs to hear an Orlando middle school choir sing Christmas music. She enjoyed jingling Daddy’s keys as they sang “Jingle Bells.”

The chemo plan has changed a bit because of the bone marrow results. The good news is that the treatment has been so effective so far that it’s wiped out all of the leukemia cells but has also wiped out most of the healthy cells. This is normal, but they can’t be completely sure if she is truly in remission until the bone marrow starts producing again. They are planning on a light chemo regimen this weekend. Once the marrow starts producing again, they will be able to tell how much farther to go with chemotherapy during this first phase before transplant.

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