Monday, December 31, 2007


emily [abby's friend] said...

she was so beautiful

i love you guys & i'm prarying for u. everytime i see a picture of emily it puts a smile on my face.
she is in a better place.

Lorrie Brunet said...

Words cannot express what Little Miss "Em" (as I often called her) meant to me. I will always remember her infectious smile, along with her warm loving heart. Her affectionate hugs & blowing kisses gave me that little extra I needed to help me through the day. I will never forget the time she was locked in the bathroom stall at FMS. She called out to me over & over, "it's stuck". After what seemed like hours, I became frantic. Watching me crawl underneath that locked door simply made her day! The look on her face was priceless! To this day, I can still hear her giggling. I often wonder if the roaring giggle was because she was glad to see me or because she simply thought what a crazy lady! What a sight we were! We laughed together for hours! I have fond memories of Emily as she brought joy to my world daily. She will be deeply missed and Forest Middle School will not be the same without her. My thoughts & prayers are with all of you during this most difficult time.

tina davis said...

Sonja and family,
Words alone will never be enough but I hope every ones thoughts and prayers will help. Emily meant the world to me as I was her aide last year at FMS. Working with Emily was the highlight of my day. She was such a joy and the two of us reading together with my southern twang made things very interesting to say the least. Before the year was out she did sound a little bit country :o) I know her classmate John will miss her for she really liked him and holding his hand when she thought no one was looking...God surely has a special angel and she will keep him on his toes with hide`n`seek and those wonderful little giggles when she gets really tickled. Miss Emily I love you and will miss you and keep spinning those beads.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time.

Lisa Drabick said...

Sonja and family,
I thank you for allowing me to share in the final days of Emily's life by creating this blog. Emily was truly a wonderful, loving gift from God. As a helper in her sunday school class, I loved when we would go outside to the playground. I would smile as she would swing as high as she could and she would be laughing and laughing. She loved those swings! I enjoyed watching her.
I will be praying for you and your family through this time.
Lisa Drabick

Bill Maitland said...

My deepest condolences for you and your family at this difficult time. May the LORD JESUS be near and provide his COMFORT for you and your family
God Bless;
Bill Maitland
II Cor 1: 3-4

Rob Ayers said...

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you we are keeping your family in our prayers.
I also wanted to thank you for living your faith. You all have been through so much and I admire the way you handle the situations you face.
Emily's life made an impact on Lacey. I am sure that Lacey will carry memories of her throughout life and will be able to use her experiences as a help to someone or even herself as she journeys through life.
Appreciate and miss you all!!!
Rob Ayers

Molendyks said...

Dearest, precious friends ... Our hearts are crying and rejoicing with you this morning as we read your email You are so right ... Emily can run, dance and praise the Lord to the fullest now!!! We are so thankful that all of you were together when the Lord took her home to be with Him.

I remember when the awesome "Smith Family" gave a mini-concert and you all sang so beautifully, but the star of the show was our little Emily, for her radient smile filled our hearts while she sat on the floor and continued to spin in a circle throughout the whole concert!!! We all laughed, but we also could share with you the joy that her little life brought to your family and to all of us that were blessed by her presence.

Thank you for sharing her with us, and allowing us to pray for her every day for so many years. Heaven is a happier place just by the presence of that little, happy, joyful young lady.\\

God love and bless you all as you endure the days ahead.

Much love, Irv and Carol Molendyk

Doves said...

God knew who to trust Emily with...your family loved and nurtured her through her difficult struggles and loved her completely. What a wonderful testimony to your sincere faith. As she rests in Him, you can rest assured you were wonderful parents and siblings.
Love you,
Tommy & Margaret Dove

Charles & Betty said...

Dear Sam & Sonja,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Our prayer group had special prayer Sunday, December 30th, for Emily and your family during our morning prayer time. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Charles & Betty

David Corry said...

The Smiths:

Suzanne and I are saddened by your temporary loss of Emily. Her joyous and fun spirit will be missed. We are pleased to know how much God has been holding your family in his tender hands and we are sure He will continue to hold you all up. We are also pleased to know that the body of Christ, from various churches, has acted as His hands, His feet, His voice, His ears and His provision in this hour of life for your family. Times like these make us look forward to that time when we will all be together again in paradise, in the very presence of the Lord. We take comfort knowing Emily is already where we all want to be when, in His perfect timing, He welcomes us there.
We love you all and feel for you. May God continue to bless you. As He is faithful, I know He will.
David M. Corry

Tim & Laurie Lafavor said...

Dear Sam,

Regina just called and told me of Emily's condition. We are so sorry to hear that she is not doing well. Lauire and I were considering coming to Arnold Palmer Hospital, but we felt like you might just want to have family time alone. Please know that we love you all and that we are praying for God's strength and comfort for all of you. If there is anything at all we can do Sam please let us know.

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
Tim & Laurie LaFavor

Sarah Crist said...

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Zach, Megan, and Abby,
I wrote this song for Emily last year. She is such an amazing little girl and has influenced me so much. I just
wanted to let you know that you are all in my prayers and everything will be okay.

Love, Sarah Crist

"Emily Smiles"
By: Sarah Crist

Life doesn't always work out so perfectly
Sometimes its hard to smile
We all have bad days
Though some don't seem to pass

But Emily..
When she smiles its hard not to see
She's like God's little angel
Sent to Earth to set me free
She taught me how to live
And showed me how to love, and not hold back
When all else seems to fall apart
Emily Smiles

Constant problems always build up
And never seem to go away
So hold your head up high
And remember why you've held on so long

But Emily...

When she smiles its' hard not to see
She's like God's little angel
Sent to Earth to set me free
She taught me how to live
And showed me how to love, and not hold back
When all else seems to fall apart
Emily smiles

Charles BIllingsley said...

Dear Smith family,

Our hearts ache with you and for you at this time. I know you have many details to work through. Just know that we are praying for
you. Also, if you need anything, we are standing ready to help.

We love you guys!!!

Charles B.

Kathy (Caylor) Frodin said...

Dear Sam, Sonja, Zachary, Megan and Abby…..

Our hearts go out to you…and you remain in our prayers. Such a valiant battle…..and the victory is hers!!

Bless you each one.

Kathy (Caylor) Frodin

Bollenbachers said...

Dear Sam & Sonja,

We’re so sorry for your loss. We didn’t get to know Emily well since she was still pretty young when you all left Oklahoma, but she sure sounds like a real sweetie. We like the poem you sent and concur that you can take hope knowing that she’s with Jesus and is whole now. We rely on that same hope for the losses we’ve experienced this year. My brother-in-law passed away Aug.10 and my mother-in-law Dec. 10. I look more forward to that day each day.

Know that our prayers are with you during this difficult time. We pray for God’s presence and comfort in a special way.


Wayne & Linda

Hammersmiths said...

Our hearts are hurting for you and your family, and I cannot begin to imagine the pain in your heart this morning. Praise God for who he is--his ways are perfect, and his love for you and your family brings the victory.

We embrace you with our prayers.

Kyle & Tammy Hammersmith

Melissa Lannom said...

Dr. and Mrs. Smith,
I am so sorry to hear of Emily's passing, but Jesus is glad to have another angel by his side. Even though my family never met Emily, we could feel the warmth from her smile through her website. The Smith family has been such an inspiration the past month and has made us pray more deeply. All of you are in the prayers of many in Martinsville, VA.

The Lannom Family

Rich Guglielmo said...

My deepest condolences to you and your family. I hope Emily and my daughter Katie are up in heaven looking down on us and our families and friends. My prayers are with Emily and your family. Rich Guglielmo

Diane Isenhour said...

I thought the lyrics to this song might be of some comfort to your family. I sang this at a funeral for a friend of mine and I feel like it sums up what Emily is experiencing in the presence of Jehovah. It is on Charles Billingsley's album. I'm not sure who wrote it, but it paints a beautiful picture of what we will enjoy in eternity with Emily, and I can imagine her beautiful smile as she walks those golden streets.

Love and prayers,
Mrs. Isenhour (Diane)
FMS Paraprofessional

Golden Streets

I've just discovered, life here is easy.
The hard work is over when hearts stop their beating.
My moment is done. I've run out of time,
but I want you to know I'm just fine.
I am thankful for His grace.
It's because of His love that I'm in this place.

Rubies and diamonds, don't mean a thing.
All of their beauty is under my feet.
Sapphires and pearls, scattered around,
but they don't compare to the beautiful sound,
Of angles singing, praise to my Lord.
And I will be listening forever more.

Now I'm walking golden streets.
I'm splashing in the crystal sea.
I've watched the lion kiss the lamb,
and I've been held by His nail scarred hands.
I've seen the Father and His glorious thrown.
I can't believe I'm calling heaven home.
Don't you worry, don't you weep for me,
cause I'm walking golden streets.

I'm more at peace now than I've ever been.
I spend my days just praising Him.
I've reaped the blessings of a faithful life
There's no way to describe Jesus by my side.

Now I'm walking golden streets.
I'm splashing in the crystal sea.
I've watched the lion kiss the lamb,
and I've been held by His nail scarred hands.
I've seen the Father and His glorious thrown.
I can't believe I'm calling heaven home.
Don't you worry, don't you weep for me,
cause I'm walking golden streets.

Kara Autry said...

Dear Sam, Sonja, Zachary, Megan and Abby and Emily in Heaven,
Mom just told me the news and I just wanted to let you know I’m praying for all of you. Emily has a long, hard road, but she is now in the best place anyone could ask to be. I’ll never forget playing games, riding 4-wheelers and all the times Emily was in Colorado or when I flew to Florida with G’pa and G’ma. We had the best time at Disney World, the beach and the Kennedy Space Center. Emily was a very special, beautiful, smart, funny and witty young lady. I just know she will be in the hearts of all family and friends forever. Emily will look over all of us until the day comes when each and everyone of us can join her with our Heavenly Father. We will never forget her and always remember her amazing life. I wish you well on your journey to healing and happiness and will be praying for all of you.
Love you guys lots, Kara
“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end” Psalm 48:14

Kara Autry

Helen Schurz said...

Dr. Smith,

Although I never had the opportunity to meet Emily, I feel as though I was able to get to know her through her blog. I have been praying for you and your family and will continue to do so as this must be a very difficult time for all of you. Emily was blessed to be born into such a great family of faith. She touched many lives and I am sure she will be missed. Thank you for sharing her life story.
Helen Schurz

Jean Kliewer said...

Dear Smith family,
For 2 yrs at FMS I was blessed to start each day with a visit from Emily. She was always a delight to see! I will always remember her beads and bright smile. She had a great sense of humor! Her answer to everything was "YES!" It was my pleasure to care for her. My life has been touched in a very special way by her sweet heart. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this very difficult time. I know she is with the angels in heaven now! Jean Kliewer RN,BSN/School Nurse FMS

Susan Boyd said...

I am so sorry to hear of Emily's passing, but I know she is now whole and with God. My uncle also passed last night at 6:42. I am sure they will meet in Heaven. Isn't it amazing how God works in our lives and brings us all together as one family! We are having services here in NC for my uncle and then taking him home for services in Virginia. I hope that I can attend services for Emily, but if not, PLEASE know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Little Miss Sunshine will truly be missed, but I know she made the light in Heaven even brighter.
Susan (Mrs. Boyd)

Erin said...

Dear Sam, Sonja and all,
Our hearts ache as well over the loss of Emily. I know you have many happy memories of your lives together, but will miss having her to hug and to hold. We will all be lifting you up in our prayers as you face the days ahead.
I pray God gives you comfort, grace and peace as you wait for your reunion in Heaven with her.

Matt & Pat Osborne said...

Sam, Sonja and family,
We've had you on our minds constantly since the email saying Emily was back in ICU. As Christians, I know you understand all the logic, as we did with Jacquata, but that doesn't take away the hurt and loss all of you feel right now. We know, as much as you love her, God loves her even more. We wish we were there with you but know that you are loved and we'll always be praying for you. Emily's ministry will live on in your hearts and the hearts of all she met. I will always believe Emily and Jacquata's love will be as close as we'll ever know on this earth to the love of God; unconditional. We will always cherish the memories. Thanks for sharing her with us when you were in Houston.
Love and Prayers to all of you,
Matt and Pat

Linda Brown said...

To the Smith Family:

As I sit here grieving for the loss of dear, precious Emily...I can only imagine how you, the family, must feel. It hurts soooooo much! I wish I could take away your grief.

I would like to say a few parting words to Emily...
Dear sweet, precious Emily,
I feel SO blessed to have known you! I loved having you in my Sunday School class. I loved your smile, your calling me "BROWN;" and, of course, your famous beads! All the children loved you so much! I particularly remember when we used to color loved to color pictures and "glowed" when I told you what a good job you did! With affection, I recall the times you refused to come sit at the table with the rest of the children, but found a nice, comfy place on the floor and just sat there content with trilling your beads. I have so many fond memories of you, dear Emily, that they will last a lifetime! Please "put in a good word" for me next time you talk with Jesus! And...find a special cloud we can sit on together and reminisce about all the good times we had! Your time here was short but your memories will linger on and on for a very long time! I miss you sweetheart but I am soooo happy for you!
I love you,

Thank you, Smith Family, for sharing your precious Emily with me. She has made an impact on my life that I shall never forget. She has touched me where no one else ever could. I thank you all for that.

May God comfort you with His love and be there for you like no one else ever could.

You are all in my prayers,
Linda Brown

Bob & Tracey said...

We are so sorry to hear about Emily. Our family and the Salt & Light class have been praying diligently for her, and we were speaking as a group about her in class yesterday morning. Our hearts ache with the pain you must feel, but we also rejoice with you in the knowledge that she is with our Savior.

Please let us know of anything we can do.

Bob & Tracey

Jared Bigham said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family. You obviously had a special daughter, for you and your wife were the epitome of support and parental love. I know you will miss her as only parents can. And though it sometimes sounds hallow in a time of grief, we all know she has had the ultimate healing. We will continue to pray for you and thank God for the obvious joy she brought to your lives.


Jared T. Bigham

Ken Cleaver said...

Our family shares with yours the joy and grief you're experiencing at the end of Emily's earthly life. Thanks for the testimony Scott forwarded to others in the choir. Christians handle these matter differently because of our shared hope in our eternal life in Heaven. Your family will remain in our prayers in the days to come.


Ken Cleaver

Kim Westerfield said...

Dear Sam and Sonja,

We are so sadden but rejoice at the same time about Emily. We loved her so dearly. Wednesdays will be fondly remembered as we would count the stairs as we went down for the water fountain and to wait for Mommy or Daddy. We loved spending time together at the bottom of the stairs together watching the people as they left service. We’ll treasure our memories of her always. She will always be like our other daughter. We won’t be able to make the Daytona service. The doctors don’t think that Ken’s immunity level is high enough and is in the middle of the radiation treatments. We glad we got to see her while we were in Daytona for Thanksgiving. We never imagined that it would be the last time. We’ll try to do our best to make the Virginia service if the date is later. You are our extended family and we’ll be here for you the best we can.

Love Always,

Ken, Kim, Bethany and Woody

The McGuire's said...

We weep with you this morning, and wish we could be there to hold you. We certainly do just that today, and in our hearts for the days to come. All of you hold a special place in our hearts and lives. The boys were just talking about Emily Saturday morning, remembering her. Beth and Ben are particularly saddened today.

One of the most memorable times I recall of Emily was in Moore. Rene' and I had gone over to pick up Beth and Ben at your house (I think it might have been a birthday party), and Sonja had them all out in the back yard in a little green swimming pool with soap suds all over the place. I'll never forget Emily at one point being steadied by Sonja with a huge smile on her face encased with soap suds. Emily, as most children who are the youngest have this thing about being the center of attention. I don't recall a time being with all of you when Emily somehow didn't end up finding her way in the middle of what the other kids were doing.

Words today offer very little no matter how great the heart-felt intentions are. Today, I pray that in the silence (and words) God holds you closer than ever before thought imaginable.

With Much Prayer & Tears,

The McGuire's

Maureen said...

I saw her last night in my prayers. She was beautiful. She was restored. She was in the most beautiful white dress with dark brown hair and her hand was firmly placed in the palm of the Almighty. I couldn't see her face but I could feel her joy, her warmth, her peace.
Awesome hope and promises from Jesus to us.

Maureen Bennett

The Clemente Family said...

We are so saddened by the loss of precious Emily. We did not know her personally, but from what we have heard she brought joy to EVERYONE....She is in the arms of the savior now, rejoicing in her complete healing ~ ..... we will continue to pray for you and your dear family.... please let us know if there is anything at all we can do......................The Clemente Family............

Jessica Collins said...

I had the blessing of being Emily's IKIDS helper at Thomas Road Baptist Church. Emily was always such a joy to be with and she was always making the other kids laugh by making silly noises and she had the most contagious smile. I looked forward to each Sunday with Emily and I will treasure each moment I was able to spend with her. Emily displayed the kind of joy that we all should strive for and she had such a special relationship with God. The joy on her face when she sang songs to God or listened to a Bible story showed the kind of joy that God brings to his children. In February 2001, my 5-year-old cousin Courtney Joseph, who also had Down Syndrome,went to be with Jesus after his long battle with leukemia. I will always remember the joy that both Corty Joe and Emily brought to my life and I know that I will see both of their smiling faces again in heaven. I will continue to pray that God brings peace and comfort to all of you in your time of need. Every time I see a bead necklace, I will think of Emily and smile. Thank you for allowing me to share in Emily's life and to be touched by such a special person.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."--Jeremiah 29:11

In Christ,
Jessica Collins

Pat Eubanks said...

I did not have the joy of knowing your Emily or the other children. I do know they were blessed to have you two for parents. Pat Osborne has kept me informed over the years, especially when Emily was going through some tough times, always asking me to pray for Emily and all of you. More recently I have kept up by your blogspot. I can't even imagine how much you are going to miss that little girl. My heart aches for you and at the same time I rejoice with you, knowing little Emily is safe in the arms of Jesus now. I'm sure she will get around to sharing that sweet smile with everyone in Heaven. May God give you the strength you need as only He can do.
Love and Prayers,
Pat Eubanks

Sara Fritz said...

I just heard the news about your daughter Emily. I am so sorry for your sounds as if Emily was a very special girl. You and your family will be in my prayers. God bless...

Sara W. Fritz

Jonathan Bobby said...

Got word from email you sent to Scott Bullman. Ironic that I received your email just 24 hours prior. My spirit sensed that Jesus was calling Emily home when I felt a burden to email you.

I haven't been through an earthly loss of a beloved child but I have lost my father and best friend. They truly are better off than we because as we have read, "To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord."

Looking forward to your presence once again in Lynchburg.


Pridgens said...

We are so sorry to hear of Emily's passing. Mitch Wyborny forwarded me a copy of your announcement and I was deeply moved by the strength it demonstrated. No parent ever imagines the death of one of their precious ones. The loss is truly great and our prayers are with you and the entire family.

I have thought often of you since the ACSI convention in Orlando in November. You were the first person I saw when entering the hotel. I realize that since that time you and Sonja have faced some difficult challenges. My prayer continues to be that the Lord Jesus will extend to you both an abundant measure of His grace as you work through this chapter of your life with Him.

My heart rejoices as I write this in that Emily is now whole. She has seen Him. We too look forward to that day when we shall also see Him and once again be united with those we love who have gone before us. Our reunion will great. What a blessed hope.

God bless you. We will see you Thursday afternoon.

Mitch and Terry Pridgen

Janet Gilmour said...

I send my love to you all as you go through this time of loss,,,, I remember when we first took Emily for a weekend while you all were off somewhere and we had a wedding to go to, I believe it was Tina and Rob's, can't remember for sure,, but we had Emily all dressed up and with our own we went to the wedding,,,, when we got there everyone was saying how beautiful she was and then she was center stage just twirling in her dress and have a grand ole time and everyong stopped to watch her with that great smile of hers.. we enjoyed her so much,,, and the times we went to the beach and to your house we enjoyed every moment....I will never forget her smile and her love of hugging people. Emily was truly one of a kind. by the way, Thanks for spending time with my daughter up in Va. and inviting her over.. you all are such precious people and I pray that you are doing well up there and enjoying your new place, but I will pray even h! arder for you as you go through this difficultime but also celebrating her homecoming with Jesus, the song says it all as it did for me when Sam sang it at Fred's homecoming also.. I miss him but couldn't even think of taking him away from being in heaven just cause I'm lonely here.... and I know you feel the same with Emily,,,,she's using that great smile and dancing and saying I made it, I saw Jesus' face and I happy and will be waiting for you all... I believe that with all my heart. Love you more Smith Family, if there is anything we can do don't hesitate to call

Phyllis McCully said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how difficult it is to walk through the valley but God is good and Emily is whole. Treasure your memories and take one day at a time.

Matt and Rhonda Hankins said...

Our hearts are broken for you all at the passing of your sweet Emily. What a comfort it must be to know that she's now in the arms of the only one who could love her more than you, her Savior Jesus Christ.

If there is anything the Salt and Light class can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

May you feel His arms of strength and comfort with you all. We are praying for you.

Matt and Rhonda Hankins

Terry Royer said...

As I spent today reflecting on how Emily touched my life a few thoughts came to mind and I wanted to share with you how the Lord used Emily in my life. I believe we are all “ living epistles” for the Lord, so this in my mind is The Living Epistle of Emily Kate Smith (Still a “living epistle” because although she has left the Earth, her fruit will continue to grow as she continues to touch our hearts). The Lord chose Emily to be very special not just with Down’s Syndrome, but as a vessel to share the Lord’s heart with all those who knew her. When I was with Emily, I heard a voice inside of me saying, “ I chose Emily to be mine…see how much I filled up Emily with MY love, that is how much I want to fill you up with MY love. See how she doesn’t limit me by being too busy…walk slowly with Emily. I chose Emily to be MINE, I choose you to be MINE as well. This is sacred…the choosing. Emily is all MINE...are you all MINE? Emily is allowing me to work out MY will in her life. Emily is running the race set before her. Is there something hindering you from running? Lay it down, be like Emily. See all those people who are lining up to have their picture taken with someone the world calls “special, honored, important”; in my eyes Emily has the place of honor. Try to see the world the way I do. (On that particular day, I even told others that I would rather have my picture taken with Emily than any of those so called ‘important people’!) Take care of Emily, honor Emily, it is like taking care of and honoring ME!”

When I was with Emily, it was as if I stood before Christ’s holy light piercing my soul. I sensed God’s love shed abroad in her heart, that Emily was HIS and HIS love surrounded her. Even now as I write I feel the Spirit’s presence reminding me of what is most important...GOD’S choosing and HIS loving, that it begins and ends with HIM….eternity is real and permanent ...this life is fleeting. I want to finish my race like Emily Kate Smith with “Well done, you have completed the race set before you. Enter MY Presence, My Kingdom forever!”

How remarkable Emily’s life has been. I know she was used by the Lord in many people’s lives. My only regret is that I never had my picture taken with her. Which reminds me that when the Lord prompts you to do something, you should do it right away! I will miss Emily in Ikids and at the middle school. I will not be able to enter either of those places without seeing her in my mind’s eye. She will be a part of who I am forever. The Epistle of Emily Kate surely lives on in all our hearts.

May you sense HIS presence and love during this very hard time. Love to your whole family!

Coxes said...

We humans have but one thing for moments of such personal pain--to relish the promises of God in Christ. Such promises can't remove our grief, but they do bear us through, for they are just that--promises of what lies ahead for us. The picture of joy for Emily's present reality with Christ against the toughest loss we have ever experienced is a picture we can't quite fully paint because of the pain we have. We can't see it completed as Emily does now. But, we will sing praise to His glory with Emily when His promise is completed for us as is it for her.

May our Lord hold you close and shelter you.
May He grant you His grace and His strength.
May you find His peace in each hard time.
May each tear and heart ache find healing in the suffering of Christ.
As Christ's suffering is now turned to joy, when our Father set Him above all,
we long for the day we will experience Him face-to-face in the way Emily does today--and everyday--waiting for us to be with her,
when our suffering will be turned to joy as well. What a hope!

Our prayers are for your comfort.


Troy and Elizabeth Cox

Pantana said...

Linda and I have been praying for you guys and your family. I know God makes no mistakes, but we hurt and grieve nonetheless. Emily is experience joys that we can only imagine. She will not be forgotten and one day we’ll all be reunited. We continue to lift your family up in prayer. Romans 8:28. God’s richest blessings. JJP

Bill Evans said...

Our hearts broke when we heard that you had lost Emily. We know that you will all miss her tremendously and we will be praying for you in the weeks and months ahead. We can only imagine the fun that Emily is having with Jesus right now! We sure wish we could be there to give you a hug!

Love in Christ,
Billy, Ellen, Michelle, Megan & Jimmy Evans

Phil Blosser said...

Andrea and I are so sorry to hear of your loss. We are covering you, Sonja, and your children in our prayers. May the Holy Spirit provide you with comfort, as our prayers and the prayers of so many others go up on your behalf.


Buddy Smith said...

My Prayers and concerns are with you all in this time of loss.I remember the times you have given me many rides to and from church and she was riding along with her cute little face. It was my ultimate joy in getting to know her for the little time that I did. My GOD'S blessings be upon you all and hope to see you soon.


Al and Jan Chubb said...

Blessings of peace and comfort to all of you. He is able.
Al and Jan Chubb

Grandma & Grandpa said...

Grandpa Richard remembers teasing Emily at the Condo by the beach. Emily would be sitting on her stool at the kitchen counter and Grandpa would go sit on a stool beside her. Emily would act mad and get off her stool and stomp her feet and then smile.

Emily would hide her clothes under the bed and in drawers.

Emily would play Twiddle-winks and could make them hit the right spot when she wanted to and then would look at Grandma Janet and just smile.

Emily would come to the kitchen counter and Grandma Janet would ask her to get on the stool to eat, and all the while she was getting on , she would say, "I Can't"

Emily loved to watch "Singing Praises to the Lord" She would watch it all day if she could. She would sing along with it and knew all the words.

Rogers said...

As we rejoice with Emily, we mourn with you all. Our prayers are with you. Karen and Kelley Rogers

Jan & Fred Cunningham said...

Please accept our sincere sympathy in the loss of your precious little girl. When I first received the prayer request in November I began viewing your blog. As a result, I've felt privileged to witness the joy that she's brought to all of you. Even during this trying time the laughter and glow on all of your faces has touched my heart as I'm sure it has touched the hearts of all. What a marvelous gift to be able to communicate to all of your many family and friends during this time. Perhaps one day you could write a book about your life with this precious little cherub. You all are loved and appreciated and lifted up daily in prayer.

Jan & Fred Cunningham

Shaina Harper said...

I am very sorry to hear about Emily! I can only imagine what it's like to lose a daughter, and even that is hard to do. However, I know it must be extremely reassuring to know that Emily is in Heaven, resting safely and free from pain in the arms of our amazing God! I have been praying that His peace and joy would flood your hearts and give you hope. Thank you so much for requesting that I sing at Emily's celebration service. It would be a privilege to do such a thing, and I was honored when Pastor Dana informed me. I am very sorry that I am not able to be there. My thoughts and prayers are with you all! Love, Shaina

Floretta Jones said...

I am sorry for your lost. But I do believe Emily is somewhere in heaven enjoying Jesus pain free. May God's goodness and mercy continue to surround you and yours. I will whisper a pray for your family.

Aubrey and Gail Brown said...

Gail and I are very sadden and will continue to lift you guy up in our prayers. Emily was a real joy to meet and you where great parents. God will and has bless'd

Aunt Bonnie said...

My heart goes out to you and the family. I wish we could be there to join in the celebration of Emily's life. She was such a sweet little girl. I hear her little voice saying Hi Aunt Bonnie and I'll cherish the last time I spoke to her even though she was going through the medical treatments she sounded so kind and sweet. I'll always remember her saying I love you Aunt Bonnie.
When she was born you explained she was down syndrom and I immediatly responded that the Lord has blessed you with a special child. The Lord knew that you and Sonya could be loving and caring parents to this gift from God. For that Love and care you shared your family will be blessed.

I wish we had more time with Emily. The small amount of time we shared will remain special to me.
She has joined Mother in Heaven with Jesus rejoicing smiling and singing.
She went from being a bud on earth to a beautiful flower in heaven.

God Bless You and the Family

Larae Butcher said...

May your wonderful memories of Emily comfort you and your family during your bereavement. I will continue to pray for you and your family’s strength to endure this difficult time.
God bless you and yours,
Larae Butcher

Sonya Shearer said...

What has amazed me the most over the years has been the love of God shining through each family member toward Emily. God's agape love has been made tangible by watching each of you pour out your love for God's beautiful child.

Terri Seravalli said...

I liked Emily. Wish I had known her better. Envied the people she loved because her love was pure. Her smile had a warmth to it that no one could deny. People keep commenting on it. Like a "sun-smile" shining on us. From watching her and her family I have learned about love, family, and Faith. And how to enjoy life by putting on my pajamas, painting my fingernails and toenails, watching a good movie and maybe most of all --to just be myself. I hope I can be more Emily-like as I go on with my life.

Denise Zoretic said...

I just want you to know that I’m praying for you and your family. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Emily face-to-face, thank you for sharing her with me on the blog. I found myself everyday searching out that email in my inbox so that I could see what was new each day. What a wonderful witness. I imagine she’s celebrating and having a grand time with Jesus now.

Love y’all!


David Ray said...

I just wanted you to know how much you are in our prayers and thoughts right now. We rejoice that Emily is with the Lord, but are grieving for you right now as you miss her. Please be assured of our prayers and support for you! We can rejoice that one day we will all be together with the Lord and our loved ones in heaven.

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. I did call your cell phone number and leave a message, as well as notifying all of the Regional Council members here in Florida. We will all be praying for you!


PAUL WATTS said...




Meredith Simpson said...

My heart is saddened to hear the news of Emily's passing. However, my spirits are lifted when I remember God's promise that you and your family will be reunited some day soon in Heaven. You will have to introduce me to your precious child when we meet again. It is very obvious that she was a shining example of Christ's love and joy to all those that she came into contact with while she was here with us on Earth. My and my family's thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.

In Christ,
Meredith Simpson

Ronda Kegley said...

I looked on the Smith's blog site and appreciated reading updates and seeing pictures. They are sweet folks aren't they. As hard as it was with my mom throughout my life and especially the past 5 years, I can't imagine going through that with your child. Please do give Sam and Sonja our condolences and a squeeze.

Talk to you later.

Love, Ronda Kegley

Kristin Tew said...

You have such a precious and special family. I am so thankful for the opportunity to come and celebrate the joyful life of Emily and to be there with Megan during this time. Know ya’ll have been and will continue to be in the thoughts and prayers of our family and our church family. I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow afternoon.
Also, can you please let Megan and Sonja know I have 83 strands of beads and 13 of them have the big balls on them.


Tina Davis said...

Words alone will never be enough but I hope every ones thoughts and prayers will help. Emily meant the world to me as I was her aide last year at FMS. Working with Emily was the highlight of my day. She was such a joy and the two of us reading together with my southern twang made things very interesting to say the least. Before the year was out she did sound a little bit country :o) I know her classmate John will miss her for she really liked him and holding his hand when she thought no one was looking...God surely has a special angel and she will keep him on his toes with hide`n`seek and those wonderful little giggles when she gets really tickled. Miss Emily I love you and will miss you and keep spinning those beads.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time.

Tracey Pritchard said...

I am so sorry to hear of Emily's passing....even the few short weeks I got to know her through your website.... was a blessing. My how the Lord used her short life to glorify Him. Know that your family is in my prayers daily...and also know how happy I am that Emily is in the loving arms of her Savior, pain fact, she is probably dancing a jig with Dr. Fawell!!! Praying continually for peace and comfort. Tracey

Jami Marion said...

What a beautiful family you have. Our prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for the amazing encouragement you have been to me, along with many others. I cannot imagine the loss of a child. I know Emily has been a blessing to many lives and I thought the poem you chose was precious. Thank you for your Godly example.

Jami Marion

Mo (Emily's Nurse) said...

Having taken care of Emily since she was initially diagnosed with leukemia I have many funny and heartwarming memories.
I will always remember “The phone call”.

Last year before the Smiths moved I needed to call Sonja (on her cell phone) about Emily.
The phone rang quit a few times when all of a sudden it stopped ringing and sounded as though someone had answered it, but no one said hello. After saying hello a few times to the person on the other end I heard a deep voice say hello back. It was Emily!
I told Emily that it was Mo and she said “hi Mo”. I asked her to go get her mommy and hand her the phone, she said Ok.
I waited and waited. People came in and out of my office, but no Sonja came to the phone.
Now I couldn’t call back because Emily didn’t turn the phone off.

After what seemed like many minutes Em came back to the phone. I asked her where Abby was. She told me but I couldn’t understand her. I later found out she was trying to tell me that Abby was in the shower.
I again asked her where mommy was and she did tell me “outside”. I told her to go get her and tell her Mo was on the phone.
She said ok. I then heard a voice that had trailed away from the phone yelling “mommy, mommy”.
I then thought to my self I hoped I just didn’t send Emily outside and I worried that she might get hurt.

Finally (after what seemed like hours!!) I heard Emily and Sonja’s voice approaching the phone. Emily was telling her that I was on the phone.
Sonja said a puzzled sounding hello.
Then first thing I asked her was “who taught Emily how to answer the cell phone.”

I told Sonja my conversation with Emily and we laughed and laughed.
We have laughed about this many times.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Emily.

Jake and Deb Autry said...

First of all I am lost as to what to say. Words are of comfort, you guys have been through so much this past few months. I am so sorry that you had to experience the worst of everything, it is never easy.
Emily was a blessing for our family, thank goodness for Emily and Abby and Megan and Zachery and for you and Sam!

Jake and I send our prayers. I know tomorrow will be difficult, give yourselves a hug from us, and know we will be thinking of you.

We send our love,
Jake and Deb

Cliftons said...

How my heart has been aching over the news of Emily; however, after reading postings and comments on her blog, I, as many others, rejoice in celebration of her life here on Earth and now presence before our King in Heaven.

One of the postings that touched me the most was the one of Abby taking Emily on a wagon ride to visit Mommy while she herself was in the hospital. As I told you before, Sam, I think you should take your gift of writing and put it into a book. There are so many hurting families out there who need to be encouraged by the story of a family who has been through so much and by one special little girl who touched lives in ways beyond human comprehension.

Heaven has received your precious little angle, Sam and Sonja, but Emily’s legacy of love will forever live in our hearts here on Earth!

Maria, Glenn, Austin, & Lexi

Donna Rogers said...

I worked with Sonja in the Discovery program at WCA. After the hurricanes destroyed our rooms we were fortunate to be relocated to Sunday school rooms above the church. Without windows, it felt dark and dreary (especialy in the computer closet), that is UNTIL MISS EMILY ARRIVED AT THE END OF THE DAY!
Steven (my son) and I always looked forward to her arrival. Even though climbing up the stairs was difficult for her she always had a smile to greet us with. She was a blessing to us! We are so thankful for all the smiles, hugs, happiness and love that she gave out!
Sonja, you are an amazing woman and I count it as one of my life's blessings to have shared some time with you at WCA and to continue to have your friendship.
I pray God's peace to gaurd your hearts and minds.
All my love,
Donna Rogers

Richard Martin said...

You are much in my thoughts and prayers today. Wish I could be there to give you all a big hug and cry with you. What a demonstration of God's love and patience you have been! Certainly He has poured out His love to one of His very special children through you all. I imagine that, in the total scheme of things, you have learned as much as you have taught.

This quote was sent to me today:

"We are not human beings going through a temporary spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience."

With much love and prayers.



Kelly Jennings said...

It broke my heart to find out that Emily had lost her battle with cancer. I had the privilege to get to know Emily last year as she attended FMS. As the Lead Special Education teacher I was able to stop by and visit Emily's classroom quite often and I have to say that she always made my day. Her beautiful smile and sense of humor could put a smile on anyone's face! Emily would always do something that would make Ms Young and myself laugh! This school year I was able to see Emily a couple of times and was very disappointed that she was not there the last time I visited. Emily will be greatly missed here on Earth but I know God is enjoying having her in heaven.

Kelly Jennings

The Fultz's said...

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"

Emily's friends have recounted the moments that "take your breath away." If indeed this is the measurement of life then Emily's life was LARGE!!

Parents of special needs kids understand the level of love and commitment that courses through our veins. The fierceness of protection, the jubilation over "mundane" accomplishments, the utter pain at an unkind or ignorant word, the complete joy when others discover the special-ness of a child some would discount. We know better than others what love is all about because we've been taught love by those closest to God's heart.

Though Barney and I never had the privilege of knowing your sweet Emily, it sounds like she lived, SHE REALLY LIVED. How could she not with such wonderful parents.

We love you both and pray your family will receive from God's hand the healing and rest your spirits need.

Do you suppose Emily is telling Jesus which hand to hold?

Barney & Jen Fultz

Dienzel and Joy Dennis said...

It is with great sorrow that we received this email while we are in California. I would love to be there to help love, support, and cry with you all. However, through the power of the Holy Spirit we can be together in times like these. We have talked to Tamy 3 or 4 times already and are keeping up to date on what is happening as well as by the computer.

I just returned from a men's Bible study at the church here in Tehachapi with my brother-in-law Bob. It was at 1:00 p.m. which just happened to be 4:00 p.m. in Daytona Beach. We started with prayer request and I shared a little bit of your story with the 9 men gathered there and told them of your great family and the faith and spirit that you all have. I said as we are starting our study now, they are starting there service at the same time at White Chapel for Emily. I ask for a special prayer for you. Marshall then asked one of my special friends, Bud Long to pray. His prayer was so special and he asked God to be especially close to Sam and Sonja as they released their little angel to return to the one who created her to begin with. His prayer was so precious and I know the Lord heard and sustained you during this very trying and difficult time. I haven't been able to get you all off my mind and I want you to know how much I l! ove and appreciate you and the example you have been and will continue to be. We don't always understand why certain things happen the way they do, but one day we will understand it all, and that will be a glorious day.

I won't keep you any longer as I know you are so busy and have many things to attend to. However, I just wanted to convey my love, thoughts, and prayers to you at this time. I am looking forward to visiting with you personally some time soon and sharing the brotherly love that we are blessed with through our Lord and Savior.

Until next time,

I Love you folks very much,

Dienzel and for Joy

Maureen Bennett said...

Oh, the devine Miss Em...
I really got to know Emily through her mom's eyes. Sonja and I worked together for years. Many was the day that Emily would get off the bus from school and come up to her mom's room to watch a Disney movie while waiting for her sisters and brother to get done school. Now, anyone who knew Emily, knew she was not defined by her illness. When she was home, Emily was her strong willed, determined, funny self. I can still see Emily trying to take her mother down the stairs at Warner to go home. She would decide which hand would be held, which side of the stairs they would go down, even how fast they would decend. Emily would win and then she would lean over and either pat mom on the head or give her a kiss. Always a tease. I can hear Emily calling to "Daddy Sam" to come over to give her a hug and a kiss when he would come in the room.
Emily had recently learned how to "get your nose and Abby must have had the best nose for the taking. Emily would say over and over, "Abby, come here"...
and then her nose would be gone!
Abby, what a precious sister you have been to Emily. Your patience and love were always there for your Mom and your sister those many days in the hospital.

Something that stands out in my mind is the decision that Emily would never be in the hospital alone. The family would often take turns but the majority of the time it was Sonja and Abby with Emily. This was not a small decison by the Smiths and God honored their steadfastness to Emily each step of the way.God's providence was so evident through the years.I believe God gave Emily just the right Mom with a calm and patient spirit to be able to endure the days beside a hospital bed. He brought substitutes to cover for Sonja at work so her job was always there when she was ready to come back. This was no small feat. The Lord has provide friends and church family at the time help and often money when needed. My final thought was how God brought Emily back to Arnold Palmer Hospital (which Emily considered her second home)to transition her from Earth to Heaven. Emily and her family were surrounded by thier familiar support system of nurses and doctors along with friends and church family. Emily had never been in the hospital in VA and it would have been foreign to her. God's grace is sufficient at all times.
Sam and Sonja, I wanted to thank you for the priveledge of being a part of such a personal and intimate time in your lives. I am humbled by this experience and am strengthened in heart and spirit by your walk of faith.
Much love and prayers for you all,

Angela (Hurst) Davis said...

Your whole family has been in my every thought since you wrote of Emily's Home Going. I know she is without pain and in the arms of Jesus, but I know your pain and loss is very real. I have waited this long to write, because I don't know what I can say. Just know of all the prayers that are going up for you and family. Especially today, I will be thinking of you and praying that God will wrap His arms around you all and never let go.

I love you all,


Larry Mehaffey said...

we first met your family when we all went to Panda House one Sunday.

Emily impressed me as someone who would listen to Gods direction and work for what she wanted. I beleve she fought the fight and lived life to the end.

God Bless always

Barry Armstrong said...

I continue praying for you and your family.

Honore' Mavinga said...

All these days, I have been thinking and praying for you and your family. Let the Lord provide you with the comfort you need at this time with the departure of Emily.

From your colleague and fellow tenor

Roderick Sr. said...

"....weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." God has promised to be with us always and to even wipe away the tears from our eyes. I extend my deepest sympathy to you and your family. I did not know Emily, except through this blog. However, each day my wife and I would seek updates and pray for your family. God took our youngest daughter to heaven in March of 2007. Please be reminded that earth has no sorrow that heaven can not bear. You and your family are in my family's prayers.

Sarahann Schallmo said...

Dear Megan and Family,
I am so sorry to learn of Emily's passing. I really feel fortunate to have known her. She always had the ability to make me smile and laugh. I will miss her joy.
- Love, Sarahann Schallmo
Sarahann Schallmo (Manlius, NY)

Tara Jones said...

My daughter attended school with Emily. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Tara Jones (Goode, VA)

Deborah Ashworth said...

We are new to Lynchburg and the neighborhood. My daughter, Emily Ashworth, sat with Emily on the school bus every afternoon this fall and they would sing songs together. She loved Emily and misses her special friend on the bus. Your family is in our prayers.
Deborah Ashworth (Lynchburg, VA)

Jill Mazzone said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. I have already heard stories about what a wonderful person Emily was, and how she touched many, many lives. Thankfully, she is no longer suffering. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. The staff at New London Academy is thinking of you as well.
Jill Mazzone (Forest, VA)

Tracy Oyler said...

Sam, Sonja and family,
I attended White Chapel and was in the choir with you both, and my daughter Hannah went to preschool with Emily. I will never forget her. She always brightened my day with her warm and loving hugs. I was so shocked to see that she has passed, but I know Jesus is just so happy to have her hugs too. You and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers. I only wish that I could go to the memorial service. I will be there in spirit.
Tracy Oyler (Nashville, TN)

Tammy Roark said...

I was not fortunate enough to know Emily personally, my daughter Cameron Roark was. She would come home from school telling me all about Emily and riding the bus with her. Cameron loved Emily. I felt like I knew her from all of the wonderful things I had heard about her. Our prayers are with your family at this time.
Tammy Roark (Lynchburg, VA)

Joanna said...

I had the privilege of taking a class with Professor Smith, and it was obvious how much he loves his family. I'm praying that the Lord will give you deep comfort during this difficult time.

Rusty Goodwin said...

Please know we have been praying and will continue to pray for you and your family. I love you brother. Let me know what we can do for you.

I'm thankful that Emily now has peace and I am praying the same for you.


Susan Pate said...

Just wanted to let you know that I heard about Emily. I am sorry for your loss. Emily was such a fighter. She had a great spirit and strength which had to come partly from her family support. I missed being able to come to her service at White Chapel. I did look at your blogspot page on Emily. She looks great and sounds like she was struggling towards the end with fevers and respiratory issues. Now she walks with God and I am sure that she will be in your families hearts and everyone else’s hearts of whom she touched for along time. I can still see her with her smile, beads sometimes a hat coming into the clinic for her medications. I know she did not like the taste of the one medication, but she was a trooper and took it anyway. God bless you. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Nurse Susan Horizon Elementary

Linda Ashe said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you today. If I could take your pain, I would do it gladly, grateful for the privilege. I know that only Jesus can take our pain from us. My Hilary was saddened when her mother told her of Emily's passing. Hilary lost her paternal grandmother in Feb., 2006, and is very much aware of the finality of one's life on this earth. She told her mother that Emily was her friend, and that she was sad and would miss her. Emily touched so many, and only eternity will reveal the extent. It must have been so hard to walk into the house without her, and I'm sure each day will bring a fresh wave of grief.
The Celebration of Emily's Homegoing was beautiful. Please know that you are in my heart, prayers, and on my mind constantly. I'll be praying especially tonight.

Much love,

Teresa Henderson said...

I wanted you to know I was thinking of you all on this day. I had planned to be at the service tonight, but I have been sick for 19 days now and I just don't have the strength. I'm so sorry, because I wanted to be there with you to share in the celebration of Emily's life. I know I only met her once, but that smile will go on living for eternity. She is with the Lord with a new glorified body and there is no more pain or tears - what a gift! Won't it be fun to see her for the first time when we get there? I can hardly wait! In the meantime, I know your hearts are broken and I extend my love, and my shoulders anytime you might need them.

God bless you all and I will (hopefully) see you very soon!

Tammy Roark said...

My daughter Cameron Roark and I attended the “Celebration of Emily’s life” last night. I will say that I have been a Christian all of my life but the love that was in that room last night overpowered me. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the chapel. I am so sorry that I did not know Emily. After being in that room last night I know that Emily had to be a special child that God sent down for your family to share with as many people as you could.

Ken and Kim said...

Sam and Sonja,

We are so sorry we missed the second service as well. The doctors wouldn't let Ken travel again due to what the treatments do to him. Reading the rest of the comments, please realize that we were all honored to be part of Emily's life and you are an amazing family who had the privilege to teach all of us how to handle tough situations. Right now, seeing how you were able to keep going day to day helps us as we now pass through our time of cancer. We are blessed to know you!

Kim and Ken

Lydia Sanders said...

I teach at Forest Middle School. I have never written anything like this before, but I want to tell you, as a fellow Christian, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I pray He blesses you and brings you through this time as only He can. I never met Emily, but I have heard so many wonderful things about her. I have heard students ask about her and remember her. They talk about how much she loved her beads. I hear teachers say what a wonderful joy she was to be around. I have seen the website and she was a beautiful girl! When I think of the time she left this world, I am reminded of "Christmas Shoes" by NewSong. I know she wasn't a mom, but I know she must have looked beautiful when she met Jesus that night in December!
Mrs. Lydia Sanders

Miss Lynn (Basham-Herndon) said...

Emily Kate Smith - what a smart, strong and beautiful child! I am forever blessed and changed by this child. It was an honor to have known her and worked with her in the classroom at Horizon Elementary for several years. Emily kept us on our toes. I remember a day that she brought Zachary's drivers license to school in her purse with a few Disney "credit cards". I know that it was a big surprise to you when we called to tell you. No doubt! Emily was known for taking things from home and bringing them to school to look at. We started checking her bags :) She loved her family and pets and talked of you all everyday. She loved her salsa (on any & everything) too. We knew she didn't feel well when she didn't eat. She loved lunch. And she would be mad if she didn't get to finish. So when it was time to leave the cafeteria we would pack up anything she wanted but didn't have time to eat and put it in the wagon for her "2nd meal" in the classroom. She was a trooper. And so smart. She worked hard and with pride completed her work. What a little encourager she was too. She loved her classmate, Cody, who was in a wheelchair and could not talk. She babied him and watched after him with such love. We all have our sweet memories of Emily and I have enjoyed reading all of yours. You were definately chosen and a remarkable family. It is obvious that God has gone before you, beside, and behind you so I know that you are covered by His grace. Thank you for "sharing" Emily with me. She came into my life when I needed her most.
All my love & prayers for each one of you,
Lynn Basham Herndon

Mary Young said...

Emily became such a big part of my day. This year I spent many a day looking for her in the hall for my smile. She brought me closer to God daily. She was truely a blessing and a gift. Leaving that class due to Emily was one of the hardest things that I did. But due to both of our determination I was able to get my daily smile. She had figured out where my 4th period class was...As she was walking by she would get my attention with "Young, my soda" hands on her hips and wrinkling her nose. Her class picture is on my computer and I prayed daily for her during her illness. His will. Obviously he couldn't wait to spend time with her any more than I could.

My prayers are with you,

Cameron said...

Emily was always so beautiful. She rode our (Sarah & Cameron's) bus. She always seemed very happy everyday to get on that old bus. She would play with the dogs at the bus stop and it never failed that she was smiling. She was a good person, I just wish everyone else on the bus could have seen that, From Sarah

Emily always made my day on the bus I would sit with her and everytime I would stand up to talk to Mrs. Lash she would always be there and say for me to sit down and if I didnt I would get a pat on the butt to say sit down. Mrs. Lash and I would always say not to but everytime I would stand up she would pat me on the butt. I always am up there talking to Mrs. Lash and I always think she is sitting there and soon I would get a pat on the butt. The bus is just too quite with out her on there. I miss her so much.
Love Cameron