Monday, December 10, 2007

A Trip to See Mommy

What an unexpected turn of events yesterday brought! A trip to the emergency room revealed that Sonja had gall stones. So she is now at M.D. Anderson hospital -- two blocks from the children’s hospital. Today, the doctor released Emily long enough for Abby to take her on a wagon ride to see Mommy. Tomorrow, Sonja will have her gall bladder removed and will be back to take care of Emily soon.

Thankfully, Emily was in good spirits and had some energy today, so our “outing” went well. Now she’s back in her room in the children’s hospital receiving small doses of chemo. We should know within a week if Zachary or Megan is a match to be a donor. Plan “B” would be to try umbilical cord stem cells. Plan “C” would be to find a match in the donor registry.


erin said...

Happy Birthday to Sonja! Gall bladder surgery is not such a wonderful treat for your birthday! I hope you got some nice gifts as well.

We will continue to hold all of you up in prayer, especially the need for a bone marrow match.

It is a blessing to see Emily's sweet smile in the posts. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Kristin Tew said...

Hey Smith Family. Megan has been keeping us updated. We are praying for complete healing for precious Emily and strength for the rest of you. Sonja, so sorry to hear about your gall stones. We'll pray for a speedy recovery. Wish we were there to be with ya'll. Love, Ken, Kristin, Elizabeth, Coban and Joshua Tew

D.Nelsons said...

We are praying for a perfect match on the bone marrow. Sonja, God bless you, girl. We pray you will recover quickly from your surgery. We love you all and pray continually for you. We love the pictures of Emily, too. Keep your chins up. Your miracle is on the way!!!
Love, The Nelsons